Our Faith Journey

“Our Faith Journey” is a series of online devotionals intented to help us grow in our walk with God and with one another during this unique season of church life.


PART 11: Our Faith Journey – “Anti-Fools”

The Old Testiment book of Proverbs gives significant attention to the subject of fools. What the world needs are more anti-fools.

PART 10: Our Faith Journey – “Has COVID-19 Offered Us a Gift?”

In this next installment of “Our Faith Journey”, Pastor Daryl explores the possibility that COVID-19 has offered us a precious gift.

PART 9: Our Faith Journey – “Never Too Close To God”

How long were Noah and his family in lockdown on the Ark?

PART 8b: Our Faith Journey – “Life and Wholeness”

The resurrection holds for those who believe the power of wholeness.

PART 8a: Our Faith Journey – “Suffering”

For the follower of Christ, the cross stands, not as an event, but as part of life.

PART 7: Our Faith Journey – “What Are You Seeing?”

When the mountain looks too high and your strength seems too small, the New Testament book of Hebrews tells us to let go and look up.

PART 6: Our Faith Journey – “The Right Word”

God is speaking to Himself on our behalf when, we ourselves, are unable to find the words.

PART 5: Our Faith Journey – “Rest”

When you come to Christ, you lay hold of what God wants to give you – rest.

PART 4: Our Faith Journey – “For the Better”

In this Psalm 119 devotional, we discover what the poet’s “go to” was during a time of crisis. What is your “go to” during difficult times?

PART 3:  Our Faith Journey – “The LORD”

We all follow someones lead. Who is guiding you? In this devotional, Pastor Daryl reminds us of words of an old friend – Psalm 23.

PART 2:  Our Faith Journey – “He Watches Over Me”

Are we, ourselves, “essential” or “non-essential”? In this short devotional, Pastor Daryl reminds us of the value we each hold in God’s eyes. Following the devotional, Birgit Sam sings an uplifting song called “His Eye Is On The Sparrow”.

PART 1: Our Faith Journey – “Times Like These”

What does Jesus have to say about times like these? In this short message, Pastor Daryl makes three suggestions about how we can deepen our spiritual faith and stay connected with one another.